BYU Post-Game Quotes

Cougar Comments Following Their Victory

Las Vegas - BYU TE Andrew George:
(on getting knocked out on onside kick)
\"We worked on that play all week, where I would get protection on the outside, and jump between them to catch the ball. But they brought so many at once, and the only thing I remember is going up for the ball. The next thing I knew the trainer was telling me: \'Don\'t move.\'\"

BYU TE Johnny Harline:
This is just unbelievable, this is the way you end a season.

We worked on sticking to the same game plan we\'ve had all season, and really letting our defense take care of the rest.

Our defense is amazing to watch.

We tried not to think or talk about the talk about being in different conferences, we just wanted to come out and play our game and show we can compete.

BYU QB John Beck:
This is the way we wanted to end the season, winning the conference, winning a bowl game and sending the seniors out on a winning note.

This senior class went through so much and this program has seen such a tremendous turnaround since Coach Mendenhall arrived.

(on passing game)
I know these guys (receivers) well enough ? if they drop a ball, I will always go back to them.

BYU Coach Bronco Mendenhall:
I couldn\'t be more proud of this team. There couldn\'t be a more fitting ending, one that this team deserved.

(on the MWC vs. Pac 10 talk) ? We didn\'t let that become a distraction, and I have the utmost respect for Coach Bellotti and his staff. I didn\'t hear anything that was said (about Bellotti saying BYU would be a mid-level team in the Pac 10), but that doesn\'t change my thinking or respect I have for him and his staff.

I am very fortunate to be surrounded by the leadership on this team.

I didn\'t hear much about our defense, only about the No. 8-ranked offense this team has, but I think the story has turned.

People seem to forget, this is a defense that allowed just 15 (15.2) points a game all season.

John played an incredible football game, in keeping the offense in control until it got into a rhythm. We wanted to focus on staying disciplined and within our game, while letting the defense do what it\'s done all season.